Teutonic Order Grand Master Flag

Imperial Eagle in the coat of arms of the grand master of the Teutonic Order (1410).

Origins of the Teutonic Order date back to 1190 in Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem as hospitallers to aid Christians on their way to pilgrimage in the Holy Land. At first they were a small gathering of knights and paid mercenaries serving to protect their hospitals established in Acre and as a crusading army later on during their purging of heresy in pagans in the Baltics. Their motto was “Help, Defend, Heal” and they were recognized for wearing white surcoats bearing a black cross. Their armaments would mirror that of the Knights Templar, bearing the best armor and weapons gold could buy. The most notable detail was their great helmet adorned with horns.

150X90CM 3x5FT 100% Polyester

Style: Hanging
Flags & Banners Material: Polyester


A Teutonic Knight on the left and a Swordbrother on the right.


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