“Spider’s Web” Face Masks Ordinary Masks for Women and Men


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Style: Mouth Mask

A dust-proof mask will protect you from dust, pollution, allergies, cold, viral flu, fog and danger, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking, etc.

  • Mask Size (Approx): 17cm x 13cm (6.7″ x 5.1″ )

  • Material: Spandex

  • Design description: single-sided full-frame printing, thermal transfer.

  • Accessories structure: equipped with two replaceable protective carbon filters with 5 layers, the nose bridge attached.

  • This is a spandex mask. It feels very soft. The mask is breathable, water-repellent, and washable. The buckle can adjust the elasticity.

  • You can change its length according to your facial contour to prevent leaving marks on your face after taking off. 

  • It can protect your mouth and face from dust, cold, dust, pollen, allergies, fog and haze, exhaust emissions, passive smoking and so on.

  • Washing instructions: It is recommended to wash by hand, do not bleach.

  • Design area: 13*17cm

This product would normally take 2 to 4 business days to manufacture and we will ship your order immediately after production.

Size Width(cm/in) Height(cm/in)
Size 17/6.7 13/5.1

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