Pop Pop Don’s All Purpose Farm and Home Lubricating Oil


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Introducing Pop Pop Don’s All-Purpose Farm & Home Lubricating Oil. A heavy-duty, low odor, water-based lubricant perfect for every job around the farm, home, or job site. Here are just a few of the ways you can use Pop Pop Don’s.

Home: Stops squeaks on hinges, doors, gates, and windows. Use it everywhere in the home.
Farm / Job Site: Lubricates gears, chains, cables, air tools, valves, nuts and bolts. Seals and protects tools from rust and corrosion.
Firearms: Applies easily, dries to a clean finish, and won’t attract dust. Leaves no oily residue.
Fishing Gear: No kerosene or other harsh solvents. Won’t damage monofilament line.
Food Safe/Biodegradable*: NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) rated H1 for incidental food contact. Ideal for carbon steel knives, slicers, food processors, grinders, and more!

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