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"Under-The Hill" was the notoriously rowdy riverfront district of Natchez, Mississippi at the beginning of the nineteenth century. So disreputable, it was seldom mentioned in the polite drawing rooms of the antebellum mansions that dotted the other side of town during the era when cotton was king.

Our Natchez Bowie was born "Under-The-Hill" and takes its pedigree from those seedy taverns and dimly lit streets. Line-bred for battle, it’s the definitive fighting Bowie. Its long blade is perfectly shaped for strength, reach and leverage, and its significant heft is flawlessly balanced, giving it unparalleled liveliness and velocity. Combine all that with its wickedly razor sharp edge and you have a knife that pierces like a dagger, cuts like a razor and chops like a cleaver!

Natchez Bowie (now with Faux Cocobolo handle)
Blade Length:  11 3/4"
Overall Length:  17 1/8"
Steel:  SK-5 High Carbon
Weight:  24 oz
Blade Thickness:  8 mm
Handle:  5 3/8" Long
Sheath:  Secure-Ex® Sheath

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 6 in


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