by Norman Descendants August 11, 2017


One crazy way of being born

The God Kvasir was created through the saliva of all the gods from Æsir to the Vanir. It makes you wonder; what were they doing? Kvasir was extremely wise because of his origins that he traveled teaching wisdom to those who would hear him.

Scholars were able to connect Kvasir to methods of mead production and peacekeeping with our ancient ancestors.

There were two sneaky dwarves known as Fjalar and Galar. They invited Kvasir into their cave in the mountains only to kill and drain him of his blood. Could he really be that wise then? I don't know. If we learned anything from this story it's that no matter how wise we think we are or believe to be, you can never trust those ancient dwarves.

The two brothers Fjalar and Galar mixed the Kvasir blood with honey, resulting in the poetry of mead. Whoever drank of the reddish honey would be endowed with wisdom and skaldship. This eventually resulted in the poetry of mankind. The dwarves kept the fermented mixture and stored it in two jars and a caldron.

Not too long afterward the two brothers killed the giant Gilling and his wife. The giants son Suttung was seeking out his parents and when he had heard of his parents demise he threatened to kill the two dwarves. In return for sparing their lives, they offered the mead to Suttung.

Suttung couldn't pass up the offer so he took the mead and hid in the center of the mountain where no one could get to it. His daughter Gunnlod guarded the mead against anyone trying to seek it out.

Like anyone of us probably would, Suttung boasted of the mixture he had now in his possession. When Odin heard of this he was intrigued as he always pursues an opportunity to gain more knowledge. Odin went to Jotunheim to obtain the mead from Jotunheim.

Odin decided to disguise himself as a farmhand. He worked for Suttungs brother Baugi all summer. When the work was done he asked Baugi for a drink of mead. Baugi didn't mind giving this farmhand a drink so he drilled a small hole into the mountain penetrating the small chamber where the mead was kept. Before Baugi could realize what he has done, Odin changed himself into a snake and slithered down into the hole. As he entered the chamber he resumed his form of a giant man and tried to persuade Gunnlod to give him three sips of the mead. He managed to drink all three vessels before changing himself into an eagle to fly back to Asgard.

Norman Descendants
Norman Descendants

Normans were the people who gave their name to Normandy, a region in northern France. They were descended from Viking conquerors lead by Rollo of the territory and the native Merovingian culture formed from Germanic Franks and Romanised Gauls. Their identity emerged initially in the first half of the 10th century, and gradually evolved over succeeding centuries.