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Aegir and Njord

By Norman Descendants August 10, 2017 0 comments

The Norse had many gods, but these two were significant to their beliefs as the sea was extremely important to them. It is where they launched raids and where most of their coastal nourishment came from.

Aegir and Njord were both sea gods worshiped by the Scandinavian people. In much earlier times the Norse worshiped Aegir and had deep respect for Njord. As time went by they have forgotten about Aegir and worshiped Njord in greater numbers. The Norse later blended the two together unable to differentiate between the two gods as time went by.

Aegir lived beneath the sea in a great hall near an island called Hlesy. He lived with the goddess of death, his wife, and sister, for all that perished at sea. The task of goddess Ran was to capture all the men from their boats. To drag them down into the depth of the sea to their watery graves. They would be brought into the hall where the gods lived.

She was much hated by the people for trying to take them to an early grave. There is a legend among the Norse that if Ran welcomed them to the sea floor they would appear at their own funeral feasts. It wasn't all bad for those whose fates were sealed in the hall. The mead would flow as freely as it does in Valhalla. Couches would be set out particularly for the drowned sailors that had gold. Ran, adore gold and used it to illuminate the hall.

Together Ran and Aegir had nine beautiful giantess daughters. They were known as the Wave maidens. The god Heimdall was simultaneously created when Odin mated with all nine at once. I don't know how that's possible but it happened.

Aegir was one of the brothers of Kari and Loki. Many of the Norse men equally didn't like him due to his continuous of raising waves over the ships the men would be on to the point of capsizing and seizing everyone onboard for the goddess Ran to pull to the bottom of the sea floor.

Thor one day came down into the hall demanding that the two gods start brewing mead for the shortage they are experiencing in Asgard. The aggressiveness from Thor wasn't taken lightly. There was no reason for it. The two gods weren't too happy, despite this, they agreed to help Thor. Aegir asked Thor to find a pot large enough to produce the amount of mead that was needed. Thor replied that it wouldn't be an issue.

Tyr and Thor went to Hymirs the giants home to borrow a pot large enough for Aegir. Instead of being a giant pot in the home there stood two women. The grandmother and the mother of Tyr. Tyr's grandmother transmuted into a hag with 900 heads, not the prettiest thing. His mother, on the other hand, was a beautiful lovely woman. She brought two mugs of ale for Thor and Tyr and advised them to hide under a pair of massive pots. A simple glance from Hymir can kill them on sight. They quickly went underneath the pot away from any gaze. Just as they did Hymir walked into the room. Everything he laid his eyes on split except for the area the two gods hid.

Hymir was happy that his son Tyr and the god Thor was there. He killed three cows to feed them. Thor being a big eater ate two of the cows. Hymir wasn't too pleased and told Thor they would be fishing in the morning and to provide his own bait. Thor took the head of one of Hymir's cows to use as bait.

In the morning, Thor and Hymir rowed out to the sea. Thor had his eye on the snake Jormungand. He used every fishermen's tactic while searching for it. Despite having the bulls head Thor hadn't had any luck to entice the snake to come out. Hymir grinned has he caught to massive whales. Despite this Thor kept trying. He finally got a grasp on the Midgard snake pulling with his might he braced himself to the ship. The strength of the snake and Thors mighty legs caused him to break through the ship. The giant panicked and quickly cut the line that kept the two struggling. Thor was beyond mad and in his rage struck the giant with his hammer. The giant was surprisingly safe. After this ordeal, they decided to head back to shore. Thor was stuck carrying the boat back as the giant carried his two whales.

After eating the two whales for breakfast Thor wanted to prove his strength to the giant. He grabbed a hold of a pewter goblet and threw it at the giant's forehead. Hymir was so impressed by his strength he decided to let Thor and Tyr to take the giant pot back to Aegir so they could make enough mead for all the gods.

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