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by Norman Descendants August 15, 2017


Hello everyone, the below article is a translation from first published on 08/11/2015. It talks about the unification of Normandy that is happening January 1st, 2016!

In the landscape of future major regions officially born on 1 January, the reunification of Normandy is one of the rare cases that benefit a broad consensus. While many welcome in a historic and cultural return, the communion of Upper and Lower Normandy around one affirmed and recognized identity does not seem self-evident, however. Like Breton and Basque examples, some dream of a fully claimed Norman pride. For some candidates in the regional elections, the central issue remains the same.

Normandy reunited she unify the Normans? While territorial reform provides for future new region back to its historical perimeter, in an atmosphere of almost general approval (at least political), voters will vote next December for the executive responsible for building a common future all its inhabitants. Whether eudois, Granville, ébroïciens, Alençon or Cherbourg ... Many Normans who, despite the apparent evidence of this reunification, struggling to be characterized by the affirmation of a shared identity as strong qu'unanimement.

Yet "the feeling of belonging to a territory is an essential condition of development," said the geographer from the University of Rouen Arnaud Brennetot, at a time when some political candidates have found that identity a major axis campaign. The task will not be easy: the tensions on the choice of the future capital, the Lower Normandy distrust of Upper Normandy suspected of concentrating the best assets (capital, Seine Axis ...) illustrated in their own way.


If reunification was put to a referendum, "I bet the Lower Normandy would have voted no, Upper yes", also stated in May the famous Lower Normandy philosopher Michel Onfray, in the columns of Paris-Normandie . "What brings us together? A common past, which is not nothing, but that counts for zero in a world where only import now, the pure present, the eternal present, he argued, too. What separates us? The ignorance that we have a common past ... "

Florian Hurard Herzhaft and Chloe are convinced: this Norman pride asks only speak on condition indeed "doing a job dusting of our traditions." The couple installed near Yvetot launched in 2013 the Normans Day, annual event organized on the occasion of Saint Michael, the "patron saint" of the Normans. The event, which carries the ambition to unite all the people around a program of festivities throughout the entire region, slowly but surely out of confidentiality. "We feel that things are changing," rejoice Florian Hurard Herzhaft and Chloe, "convinced that Normandy will be built by the Normans, beyond the political and administrative sphere. This is a must! "

Sylvain Bichicchi also feels things change. Founder and designer of the brand Heula, it runs for almost ten years business in unexpected success and demonstrating itself of a potential "Norman spirit." With a dozen employees at three sites (head office near Caen and two stores), the Heula brand offers a wide range of products, from postcards to food through textiles, under the sign self-deprecating and comically claimed clichés. A formula that has proven itself in Brittany, or in the Basque Country. "I have always acknowledged the inspiration of these regions, Heula was created with this in mind then. It has everything to do as the Britons: a language, a history, a territory! "So far, this sense of identity" to Breton "has further developed the Lower Normandy side. It is probably no coincidence, moreover, if the Heula brand remains essentially located there. "We have always had trouble communicating in Haute-Normandie, admits Sylvain Bichicchi. But increasingly, our business will get a better reception good."


Warning warns Arnaud Brennetot his side, not to be confused identity and obsolete traditionalism. "The risk with this reunification is to get locked into clichés: the Vikings, the Impressionists ... I remain amazed how we have not taken the measure of the industrial past, present more Haute-Normandie. There is no real collective work around that. "

And to quote the geographer in turn Breton example and Review Committee and liaison interests Breton, a structure that would in his vocation to be replicated in Normandy. But to assert pride comparable to that of their neighbors to the west, would still have the Normans are less "taciturn". But it is also that their identity.


The ideas of candidates for regional
Nicolas Bay (National Front).

"There is a real Norman identity and the reunification of Normandy is a chance to promote and allow the radiation of our region. That is why I propose the idea of ​​Puy du Fou Norman that would make the history of Normandy and democratization with cinéscénie, an amusement park, etc. Normandy real assets and its own radiation. It should not be treated as part of the Grand Paris, a kind of great Parisian suburbs. That is why I defend the idea of ​​installing the Prefecture in Caen to move the center of gravity to the west. "

Nicolas Calbrix (France Arise).

"The defense of Norman identity starts with the school: you have réenseigner the history of Normandy. We also support the idea of ​​a Puy du Fou in Norman: This project is close to our heart, because it lacks a theme park in our area, and there is plenty to do around the Vikings, of Joan Arch, the Landing. We also support the organizers of the Normans Day: If we are elected, we will work to support their approach. Finally, elected in our region must learn to think in Norman, beyond the petty political quarrels, when the interest of Normandy is at stake. "

Sébastien Jumel (Left Front).

"To be successful reunification of Normandy, it is not enough to appeal to the great figures of the past. We need a project. Mine is based on what makes the strength of Normandy. First, people who want to make the most of themselves and this territory to preserve, develop and live better. Then our strengths: a unique history, landscapes known around the world, particularly around industrial excellence in the automotive and energy, a coastline and ports that connect to the world, quality of life and incomparable city . This is what I call the Made in Normandy. "

Pascal Le Manach (Workers Struggle).

"It would be foolish to believe that the Normandy workers have something particular to defend. An identity, any identity? An identity that would preserve them from what? We would push workers to compete! The Norman Breton workers against workers, or workers against the Picardy! Normandy cider product is more than Marseille, and it rains also more than Marseille. But what difference does it make for Renault workers in Cleon? I am fighting to establish solidarity between workers and not competition between them from one region to another. "

Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol (Socialist Party).

"Normandy Talking with big words is good: but speak of Normandy for all Normans, that's better. Whether one lives in Tréport or Alencon, expectations are not the same, and we must be at the service of all. I distrust also Breton references: Brittany, they are also major problems of pollution, unprecedented agricultural crisis ... In Normandy, we must go further, higher. He must marry the heritage and modernity. Normandy, it is certainly the Vikings, but also Orelsan, Tony Parker, Valerie Lemercier, Thomas Jolly, Wax Tailor ... "

Jean-Christophe Otter (UPR).

"If Normandy makes sense for a majority of Normans, that's not the case in many areas where a majority of citizens are not found in the new map of France which will be drawn on January 1, 2016. Imagine regions will bring together twelve departments and will have the size of Austria. Normally, a reform of this magnitude should have been decided by a referendum, but in July 2013, an amendment (Gaymard said) signed by our Parliament has deleted this provision of the General Code of territoriality. This denial of democracy, the UPR, we refuse. "

Hervé Morin (UDI-modem-Republicans).

"This report to the identity remains the director of my campaign wire. We must learn from Brittany building a territory attractive strategy. We have in the idea of ​​creating an agency dedicated to this, so that we again become proud of being Norman. This requires that we re-appropriates our culture, our heritage; not by nostalgia but to make our roots and wings. We must infuse the Norman society: this particular through the wide availability of our regional flag on buildings. It will also carry out a marketing strategy for our food industry can use the Normandie brand. "

Yanic Soubien (Normandy Ecology).

"The identity of Normandy is not reducible to a fixed image in the past. Normandy, it is of course unique advantages in terms of coastline and the environment, its architecture and its history, but it is primarily the diversity of men and women who chose to flourish there. Norman being, is to live, commit, work, study in our region, contributing to our common heritage which continues to write. The Norman identity is not looking forward or compared to others, it is today, in five departments, together we are building more than a region of Normandy! "

Norman Descendants
Norman Descendants

Normans were the people who gave their name to Normandy, a region in northern France. They were descended from Viking conquerors lead by Rollo of the territory and the native Merovingian culture formed from Germanic Franks and Romanised Gauls. Their identity emerged initially in the first half of the 10th century, and gradually evolved over succeeding centuries.

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